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To be eligible to play in the event, teams MUST comply with the following criteria (any team found to be in breach of these criteria will be automatically dismissed from the competition):

-  A maximum of 15 players can be registered per team, a minimum of 8 is required.

-  No transfers or substitutes to squads will be approved unless authorized by the Organisers

-  Players registered with any ‘A’ Division team are prohibited from playing

-  Players may only be registered with a single Sprite Cricket Stars team, and unless in exceptional circumstances as agreed by the Organisers may only represent one team during the course of the entire event

-  Players that have represented a team that has played at Gold level during 2015 and/ or 2016 are prohibited from playing

-  Players that have played any First Class, List A and/ or Professional cricket from any global territory are prohibited from playing

-  The Tournament is restricted to Men only

-   All players must be aged 16 years as of July, 30th, 2016 to compete and must supply a passport copy to validate this

-   All players must hold a current and valid Emirates / Bahrain /Qatar (respectively) Identity Card and must supply their I.D. number along with their registration

Tournament Rules for UAE, Bahrain & Qatar

Tournament Organizing Committee

The Tournament Organizing Committee (TOC) is formed to monitor the organizational, technical and disciplinary aspects of the tournament. The Organizing Committee has the mandate to deal with all matters of the Tournament. Decisions of the TOC will be final and binding. The formation of TOC is as under:

Mudassar Nazar ICC Academy – Chairman TOC

Will Kitchen ICC Academy – Member TOC

Raihan Shaikh ICC Academy – Member TOC

Mahesh Mondkar ICC Academy – Member TOC

The mandate purpose of the TOC shall be to deal with issues arising during the Event. The jurisdiction of TOC includes but not limited to the following:

-  Decisions on issues relating to Playing Conditions (including the rescheduling of matches, Player eligibility and the replacement of players

-  Players’ discipline and code of conduct

-  Hearing and resolution of appeals launched by the participating teams.

Draws and Fixtures:

Fixtures arranged and draws made for the tournament by the Organizing Committee will be final and will not be changed except due to force majeure.

The tournament organizing committee has the right to postpone any match if deemed necessary due to un-avoidable circumstances.


Teams are expected to uphold the highest standards of discipline throughout the tournament.  Ill-discipline from any team member, player, guest or connected spectator will be punishable by dismissal of that team from the event, and if appropriate, action with the authorities.

Ill-discipline includes but is not limited to:

-   Foul, threatening and/ or abusive language

-   Physical abuse and/ or violence

-   Abuse of umpires and/ or officials (including disputing decisions, crowding of officials)

-   Racial misconduct

-   Damage to equipment or premises

-   Anything which is deemed contrary to the Spirit of Cricket

Disciplinary Process:

The team captain is the person ultimately responsible for their team’s behaviour.  In the case that a team, or individual connected to a team is cited for any ill-discipline by a match official, or venue representative, the team captain of that team will be automatically suspended from further participation.  In that case, within 24 hours of the reported offence, the team captain will, at the TOC’s convenience be required to meet with the TOC to discuss the matter.  Should the TOC determine that the offence is contrary to the rules and regulations and spirit of the Sprite Cricket Stars event that team will be dismissed from the tournament and all further participation will be prohibited.

Tournament Playing Conditions:

The MCC Laws of Cricket shall apply for all rounds specifically in relation to Illegal Bowling Actions, Standard Equipment and the Spirit of Cricket:

For all games played at ICC Academy Indoor Leagues

-   All matches will be 8 overs per side.

-    Each over shall be of 6 balls except when a front foot no ball is delivered. A free hit will follow as an additional delivery. In this case a batsman can only be dismissed if run out.

-    All wides and no balls, apart from a front foot fault, will be credited as two runs and will not be re-bowled apart from the front foot fault, except in the last (8) over when an extra delivery must be bowled for each transgression. Additional runs   can be taken and will be added to the score.

-   All the players must bowl one over each.

-   Each batting pair will bat for 2 over’s.

-   If a batsman is given “OUT”, the batting team will lose five runs and all previous runs scored from that delivery will not count.

-   The batsmen will change ends at the conclusion of each over.

-    Apart from the boundary net, batsmen can be caught off all other nets, including the roof.

-    A direct straight hit boundary along the ground is worth four runs plus any additional runs completed. A directly hit straight boundary on the full is worth six runs plus any additional runs completed. At least one single must be run for the boundary to qualify.

-   Balls lodged in the top net will become a dead ball upon the umpire’s call, with one run credited to the total in addition to any extras that may have been incurred.

-   During play, if first a ball hits the top net and then goes on to hit the straight boundary on the full is worth 6 runs.

-   If the ball goes beyond the boundary after deflection from the side net then the batsmen can only take a maximum of two runs.

-   During play if the ball rolls out of the playing area, then the batsman can only take maximum of two runs.

-   No bouncers are to be allowed in the match, any ball deemed to be above the shoulder of the batsman in his normal stance, will be called a no ball with two runs credited to the total. If a bowler repeats the same, he will be stopped from bowling further and will be replaced by another bowler chosen by the batting team.

-   To complete a run the striker and non-striker must run the length of the playing surface as marked.

-   The non-striker can be run out by the bowler as he fully completes his actions if backing up excessively. Maximum 2 attempts. [Mankad rule]

-    A batsman will be given out if three consecutive dot balls are delivered to a batting pair.

-    The ball will be deemed dead after play is completed and the bowler returns to his run up.

-    If the ball hits the striker’s body and the striker has made no attempt to hit the ball, the batter will be adjudged L.B.W if, in the opinion of the umpire, the ball would have struck the stumps.

Points System (Preliminary Rounds)

-    Match Win           4 Points

-    Skin Points           Up to maximum of 4 Points

-    Match Abandoned (any reason) Two Points to each team

-    Match cancelled     No point

-    Match Forfeited due to Walk Over   Minus Two Points as Penalty for Walkover

     Opposition will get 4 match points and 4 skin points and

    40 runs will be added to their team total

Skin Points

Skin Points will be awarded by comparing the no. of runs scored by batting pairs in each innings. Each team will have 4 batting pairs during the course of 8 over’s so they can earn up to 4 skin points if each of its team pair scores the highest runs comparing with the opposition team.

I.e. Run scored by Pair#1 during its allotted 2 over’s will be compared with runs scored by Pair# 1 of opposition team and so on for Pair#2 to Pair#4.

A team can also earn the skin points but end up losing the match.

Tied Match

In the event of a tie there will be one ‘super over’, with the team scoring the most runs winning, regardless of the number of wickets lost. If the scores remain tied there will be a sudden death bowl off, where the winner of the toss decides who bowls first. After an equal number of deliveries the bowler who misses the stumps last loses the game.

Important Notes

-   Only one new ball will be used for both the innings.

-  All teams are required to report at ICC Academy 20 minutes prior to scheduled match time. The on field umpires will have the discretion to award walkover to the opposition team in case of a delay of 20 minutes or more post the scheduled match time. Minimum of 6 players required to start a game.

-  Teams are expected to ensure that proper Spirit of the Game is maintained during the matches.  In case of any breach of this code, strict action will be taken by the TOC. All misbehaviours on the ground are to be recorded formally with the umpires who shall forward the same with their report to the committee for their decision.

-   The TOC has a right to disallow any team from participation in the tournament for non-payment of participation fee, playing in disapproved Cricket and or disciplinary grounds.

-   Transfer for a player mid-way through the tournament to be given only under valid grounds and with prior knowledge and permission of both the teams and TOC.

-   All the team players on the field have to wear their team jerseys.

-  Only the team captain and team manager are eligible to submit an official complaint to the TOC.

ICC Academy Outdoor Leagues

-  Each team will comprise of 11 players and 4 substitutes.

-  Each match will consist of 8 overs per side.

-  There will be no LBW dismissals in the tournament. Other than that, all other forms of dismissals according to international rules will apply. If a batsmen is caught deliberately padding the ball in the batting crease and if the ball is in the range of the stumps, the umpire can adjudge the batsmen out on the appeal of the opposition team.

-  Field Restrictions will apply in the first 3 overs of every innings. Which means only 2 fielders will be allowed outside the 30 yard circle.

-  After the 3rd over the captain can place the fielders according to his liking provided there are always a minimum of 4 fielders inside the 30 yards circle at all times.

-  Each  bowler  in  an  innings  will  be  allowed to bowl   a  maximum of  2  overs.

-  Any batsman that scores 30 runs in an innings must voluntarily retire and make way for his team mate. If the team loses all their wickets then that batsman can return to bat again until he is dismissed

-  Over stepping (NO BALL) will result in an extra run plus the next ball will be a FREE HIT. Which means the batsman cannot be dismissed unless he is run out. Field is not allowed to be changed on a FREE HIT unless the batsman on strike has crossed.

-   All forms of scoring runs will apply in the tournament including EXTRAS such as Byes, Leg Byes, and Over Throws etc.

-   All matches must be completed within 60 minutes with 8 overs to be bowled in 30 minutes per side/innings. Time allotted for the finals will be 140 minutes with 15 overs to be bowled in 70 minutes per side/innings.

-   It is imperative for all participating team to report on time for their matches on the dates allotted.

-   No Fiber Glass bats will be allowed during any match in the tournament. Other than that the batsman can use any normal cricket bat that will be provided by the organizers.

-   Batsmen can use Inners or Gloves to avoid wet hands due to humidity.

-   Proper sports shoes are to be worn during matches.

-   Players without sports shoes will not be permitted to play.

-   The winning team will get 3 points and the losing team will get no  points.

-   In case a team decides to walk out of the game they will be deemed to be the losing side thereby being rewarded no points. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify them from the tournament.

-   If both teams score an equal number of runs the game will be called a draw irrespective of the number of wickets lost or number of overs taken to score the runs. A super-over will follow. (see point 12)

-   In the event of a draw/tie, a super-over will be ordered by the umpires. International rules will apply for super over.

-   Incase two teams are found to have equal number of runs then the two teams with highest Net Run Rate will qualify for the next stage.

-  All players will be required to wear the cricket uniforms provided for the players for all the matches including the round robin stage onwards.

-  All batsmen should be ready to come into bat and no time wasting will be allowed. In case of injury to any player, a substitute can be allowed only to field after the umpire’s consent. He will not be allowed to bat or bowl. In special cases, a bowler may be picked by the opposite captain to complete an unfinished over if such an occasion demands.

-  The organizers will not be responsible for any injuries or death of any players while taking part in the tournament.

-  In all cases, the decision of the organizers will be final and binding and no protests will be entertained. The organizers reserve the right to change these rules at any time if it is considered to be in the best interest of the tournament.